Practice & Beyond

Practice & Beyond

This is a club especially for doctors-some of us are in clinical practice, some have moved to corporate, some are doing both, and there may be some even more interesting things, but regardless of all of that, each of us has a different journey and there is much to learn from one another. The healthcare space is evolving, as we all know, and our shared wisdom would help us make better professional choices. Let's brew some coffee with our amazing host Dr. Deepika in this club, Practice & beyond 🩺+, where we will be inviting some amazing medicos to spill some beans about their non-linear and interesting careers.


Dr. Murtuza Zozwala & 698 others


Practice and Beyond

Aug 25,
3:30 PM
dr. Kumudita Talwardr. Deepika Ponnappa
Dr. Kumudita Talwar + 1
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Practice and Beyond Episode 1

Aug 08,
3:30 PM
dr. Deepika Ponnappadr. Anunaya Jain
Dr. Deepika Ponnappa + 1
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