Practice & Beyond #4: Managing Healthcare Projects Efficiently

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Practice & Beyond #4: Managing Healthcare Projects Efficiently

27 Sep, 2 PM

welcome good evening everyone this is Dr vishali and I welcome you on behalf of Netflix for this fourth episode of practice and Beyond so for today's episode we have with us Dr Deepa who's in conversation with Dr Deepika ponappa who's the founder of practice and Beyond so I'd be handing it over to Dr Deepika who would be explaining you what exactly is practice and Beyond and what we are trying to achieve and what we want the message to be carried forward so Dr Deepika I'll be handing it over to you now thank you so much thank you rushali thank you very much um all right viewers it's so great so good feels so good to be back with the fourth episode of practice and Beyond uh it's really been encouraging what started as a small idea is really picking up wheels or Karma um you know it's really inspiring to see your responses downloads views um even some messages I receive on LinkedIn um indeed very very grateful for that uh practice and Beyond as we all know is an interview series that we've developed to me Showcase in front of you the offbeat journeys of Physicians who have gone beyond the Realms of clinical practice they have used their clinical knowledge and applied it at a different sphere of the healthcare industry and in that Series so far we have seen one clinician Dr AJ Dr anunia Jain who who is digitizing healthcare for Bharat we have met Dr kumudita talbar Who has been you know inspecting and governing Healthcare delivery quality on behalf of qci uh last episode we met Dr Sachin Gupta who has turned angel investor and entrepreneur and helps in a recruitment of leadership roles for doctors and today again we have a very very interesting Journey that's going to be laid right in front of us in the next 45 minutes to an hour so stick with us be here there's lots to learn there's lots coming up um and let me ask the team at Netflix to play the AV to tell you a glimpse of who we are going to meet today so richali and team if we could have the ab please [Music] thank you [Music] thank you [Music] thank you that indeed was a journey of a wholesome life and it gives me great pleasure in welcoming to my next guest Dr deepavide who's a pediatrician with a career spanning almost 18 years in the corporate world now a lot of that career has been as a part of leading programs in the U.S healthcare industry with um the business process Outsourcing as well as knowledge process Outsourcing verticals uh very interestingly she is one of the few Healthcare Personnel who have who are certified as a project management professional and she's a true inspiration I've had the great Fortune of working with her learning from her and it gives me immense pleasure on welcoming her to practice and beyond episode four thank you thank you Dr Deepa thank you for being here thank you so much Deepika for inviting me and happy to be a part of the network XT all right so um you know as they always say so let's really um let let the next one hour be an entire step-by-step Journey so that the viewers can relate to how you know uh what decisions you made and how their Journey completely you know like a river just flowed so let's start from why did you decide to become a clinician and uh what were those certain family factors like most of us we are good students so we become doctors was it like that or was it some other inspiration and what inspired to take up you would what inspired you to take up the career in clinical medicine foreign so the decision of joining either I take a math course and join the iit's in general or I take a biology and go into genetics microbiology or whatever medicine or dental sciences that had to be made after so I one day we were sitting at the dining table and we had a small one of my friends related daughters he had come and I just quickly looked at her and we my father just also have something when my father told me we purchase medicine you make a very good doctor and that was my turning point it was just I have just looked at him and I said why did you tell me that he said I don't know but you will take a very good doctor she's going to medicine and that she started that spark and I'm so happy that I I really took his advice great and um I'm sure he was proud of you when you did become a doctor and practice medicine and that also you chose Pediatrics we all know that Pediatrics is one of the top ranking branches when we pass mbbs so how was your journey as a medical student was it tough was it a cakewalk was it very interesting some anecdotal things that you'd like to share with us of that Journey sure uh actually I studied in osmania Medical College and Family Medical College both the government medical colleges of Hyderabad now is taken now so uh foreign I was a very very I had a very studious life I would be seen either in the class or in the library if they saw me in the canteen they would say oh then I I used to realize it I also had a very favorite chair and there was there used to be a Librarians you need to reserve that chair for me you used to know that this is the time and the class was my favorite I used to I I loved studies I loved studies I'm fortunate to have 8 out of 13 distinctions from the medical subjects and two gold medals so I just love studies and then I became a library for my 99 friends so it's somewhere it started getting boring but I enjoyed in that also so I used to have so that was my real journey and of studies in medicine my life was titled around I would say dissection groups Laboratories sitting in the class and sitting in the library and there were a couple of funny incidents so uh for the ESPN exam I remember students I said I didn't write and I was oh my goodness I lost the mark because I couldn't lose any marks right now so then they said then my battery made some of them they said there wasn't really so some books let me just tell you that I identify with this story of hers um I was also a very studious student uh front Venture always you know very very boring life but I must say that um I mean of course I never made eight distinctions I had this one distinction in Biochemistry all my in my entire medicine um this thing but I remember once the class had decided that they will all fail in the forensic medicine exam nobody will write anything and everybody will light a write a blank sheet and come back and when this decision was being taken in the hostel I was still in the library so I did my missed being a part of this decision and I went and simply sat and wrote the exam and came back and when the result was announced I remember the way our forensic medicine Professor had written the result there is only one lonely student who has passed she's the Picker rather than writing only he writed lonely you know only and I had to treat all all my Hundred batchmates because I had done this mistake so all right now we have your internet back so please tell us about the porcelain dish incident so uh that was very funny because the spotters were really really tricky and I wrote everything about the egg reference protein and I came out and my friends wrote it was such a beautiful porcelain dish and it was white in color and and I and I was so terrified that I had lost five marks and at that time we had company we had two rival groups so they used to call us I had a very close friend of course I won't name her so we they used to call us Tom and Jerry so we would always be you know Warring with each other for that one Mark and people would be standing outside so it was so tough and I felt like I let them down because then it was so funny it was the egg that was there and somebody pocketed the egg and bake class everybody wrote about personality that was very funny uh but like I was telling the most solemn moment I had and uh was about standing or sitting in front of the dissection table it was very solemn this this person was alive Once Upon a Time whatever the case is and just that today he we are using his body to gain knowledge whether he liked it or not and of course some bodies were donated and they were actually written that so those were moments of solemnity and that's where I felt that we are so privileged to be able to actually see the bone sets somebody's they were once upon a time somebody's human bones so we are so privileged and that's where I felt a sudden sense of responsibility that if if I am there if I am being trained in this way it's my responsibility and it's my accountability to be able to serve my fraternity better and I should really I whatever capacity it's not about whatever career we take and we know uh you could have hundreds of careers not just clinical medicine but I really felt these were the two incidents that really moved me at that time that point of time one was very funny and the other was very very solemn and I think um I share your sentiment as far as the categoric um Association is concerned it is very moving you know and it's very it's funny at the same time in the beginning you know you're because of the formal and smell and all you are trying to keep away yeah the first first year first Prof whatever people would call it that that caterpillar is a part of you you know it's a part of your those 10 people on that dissection table right so um nevertheless I mean I think um with such an interesting and solid academic Foundation I mean eight distinctions are 13 subject that's phenomenal right what made you decide to step out of before that how long did you practice as a clinician and then what were the what were the incidents that made you make the transition uh I practice solid practice for about uh eight years seven to eight years I would put it and that was the time that I was only doing clinical medicine and I used to do uh I had gotten married and I had my son was also born so I used to get involved my son my husband is a pediatrician he's from Mumbai and then he had relocated to Hyderabad so both of us were starting our life together and he was uh you know focusing on emergency Pediatrics while I was focusing more on preventive Pediatrics so whenever there would be a section he would be there he would attend the section and then he would leave immediately as the baby cried and give the baby to me and then I would be sitting with a baby for their parents for the next three hours so after that I could take over the baby if there was anything related to any emergency situation of course he would be bad that was the first key thing that I I was involved in in the clinical practice the second thing was exchange Transmissions because exchange transfusion took a lot of time so whenever the baby was jaundiced I used to be involved and then I would track the bilirubin and then do the exchange transfusions it would take about three hours four hours five years whatever it is and then these are the two things that I was completely involved in from a clinical standpoint other than that of course it was routine clinical practice so so that was uh after being so solidly from a clinic uh clinical standpoint this is something which I really enjoyed because Wellness medicine preventive medicine patient education training the nursing staff paramedical staff a patients I I really enjoyed doing all these things do you realize that it was time to uh you know like my journey was first purely clinical then part clinical part corporate and then purely corporate and that it remain corporate for you know like 12 years or so but was your transition also this systematic and slow or was it sudden but it was quite sudden and I would uh I've been I won't hesitate to tell you actually I had a puberty goiter which was uh which was there for some time but after my second uh after my daughter was born that is my second child was born there was increase in the size of the goiter so as soon as I finished my PG exam I actually went straight to doing a technician scan and it was diagnosed to have cold nodule I was operated the next day it was thyroid carcinoma papillary CA thyroid so ma after getting operated uh and my surgeon told me Deepa there is no problem you will outline me because 29 year old female patient thyroid CA and the capsule was not broken but I'm afraid that you may not be able to do clinical practice for some time because your immunity was decreasing I had to so that is when I decided to make a very quick shift so there wasn't anything that it was all or none for me and I sat at home there wasn't any alternate career for me because this this whole brain was full of medicine and I couldn't go to clinic and I said what do I do with this now what do I do with this so it suddenly felt a big sense of load on me but uh I got a job into and that this was the switch so I got one day I saw a small ad they said they wanted Trainers for training billing and coding patients uh students that time 1999 medical transcription was taking up so I said that's fine I will join so he told me the my manager at that time he said you are way too overqualified I said it's that's my problem so I love to train I love to teach please allow me so I actually had to begin to say that please allow me to train so I started with a very uh very very modest type of training job and then they gave me batch of medical transcriptionist also and I did that job for about two years but I got so involved in it that I really that was my opening or a window to U.S Healthcare till then I was really not involved in your self-care because I was so involved in my own Pediatric Healthcare and you know generally whatever we then I realized that there's a whole wide world outside and my clinical knowledge is not just going to be supporting my patients or their families why can I not use that but I needed a tool I needed some carrier and that was the time it was starting so I realized that okay I can hop on the IIT bandwagon and then slowly make move forward but I did a train for about two to three years of my life just transcription medical coding billing and this was a very quick shift so um if I think I can relate there's some sort of serendipity here you know they say that if you really look for something the universe conspires to bring it to you so when you really need a job you know you will see an ad somebody will mention something and you know exactly we are being doctors we have that habit of you know just observing picking up stuff and then you moved on to U.S Healthcare so as you were going on in this journey you know this was you must have been a very Junior person a junior trainer entry level how did you upskill yourself to keep growing that because you've grown really fast like 1999 2000 you're just starting and I think when I see your profile you know 2005 six are already doing a leadership role so how did that transition I think first thing there were a couple of skills that I really needed to learn quickly because like rightly what you said I was the junior most and where here I had completed my medicine and PG and stuff like that and I was supposed to be the Madam and the amounts but here I was like uh some somebody who just got into a school or like in the primary primary so uh one thing which I really knew I think I lacked was having good communication I think more than communication it was about collaboration skills because somewhere I was so involved in treating the patient talking to my own fellow doctors that I really didn't know how I should collaborate with others uh who were not MediCal that was the first skill uh I required and I I was able to do it because my managers luckily in all these three or four initial companies I went to them and I told them look I want to grow and I don't think I have the skill so they helped me with that that was I think at this point to where whoever are in this state joining I would say that nobody really helps you till you ask them to help you if they if you think that why isn't he telling me that I require project management skills but you never went and told him that you you lack those skills so that was one thing which I did the second thing which I really tried to do was I have been a very good organizer right from the beginning so anything that comes to me my mother used to tell me that you know if she finds clothes one day she will you will find me also hanging in her cupboard because I would fold everything and put it there so those were the skills I had but I never knew how to uh adapt them and I mean apply them to an organization so that was the second skill I knew I could organize things but in my own small silos I could organize a patient care I could organize a training but I could never look at a bigger picture that was the second skill which I've heard and third was looking at a bigger picture that is the third skill which I felt like I started uh like a airplane right when it starts at 10 000 and suddenly it goes to 37 000 feet that is where we want to know that at thirty seven thousand feet if I see a small spec and I'm looking at the house and so bothered about the house but at 37 000 feet it's only a spec and you see so much of around you see parks and you don't even see them I think these are the three key skills which I felt really helped me move very quickly in this no no I completely agree I I remember um you know when you're apart I started my career as a junior resident In Obstetrics in Gynecology in a ESI Hospital you know doing 90 deliveries every night with very misery resources you know so I I'll tell you at that point in time it didn't matter it was what was the revenue of the ESI hospital was it profitable was costed issue and where yes I was headed I just wanted to do my duty well reach home before it gets dark you know but the moment you get into corporate as you said you have to be able to look at the big picture and how like a hawk you know you should be able to go 20 000 feet high and go 20 000 feet deep as in then you need to so those are really precious skills so collaboration understanding the big picture and then adopting the big picture are critical so once you know this started very interestingly how did project management happen and you know I want you to explain to the audience a lot of times the moment you tell doctors project you know they really don't understand or uh because we've not been taught you know while we are doing project for us can be uh construction of a hospital it could be writing a paper but we all know and I've I've also learned from you only how different project is what project means and what what being a certified project management professional means and why it is important to us so sometime and guys I know this is going to be a long answer here this this is critical for all of us so double your thank you thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about my one of my passionate subjects uh okay so let me tell you where it started so I was heading a project at that time I didn't know it was you know I was heading I was going for this project management and the project I had 53 doctors who were working for me and we were creating monographs a patient education monographs great project it was an outsourced project from Virginia and the project was running in very rough weather when I whenever I used to it the project was from Thomson micromedics in Colorado and I was over here so and I was answerable to these 53 years I was feeling like okay I had 53 nurses or ancillary staff behind me I was really not aligned to the project management methodology you know that's when uh one day I I heard the project scope project uh you know all the different terminologies and jargons uh what are the risks what are the dependencies what assumption did you take can you please show us the report can you show us the project plan and I pointed from where are they talking all these things two very unfortunately this project went into a very rough weather and I was the project manager well I didn't know I was the project manager because I thought I am the Project Lead or I am the lead leader now this is when I went to my uh my brother-in-law's house who had incidentally read the PMP PM box that is project management body of knowledge at that time it was a third edition today we are in the seventh edition and he said that Deepa don't worry I think there is a book called PMP just go and read it and there's a small exam very small exam just go ahead and write it I said bill that's all my problem he said you can try at the end of the day I can only tell you and I was so desperate because I was very desperate because this was my job after the thyroid surgery I needed to survive in this world and I couldn't go back to clinical and this was the job it was my dream job in a way because it was looking at that window which I saw in cats that training first so I had gotten through the window and I'm looking at this and now suddenly people are trying to clip my wings so I desperately went and I found two more of my mentors one Mr ganeshan and one Mr serenivasan they were project management professionals I saw looked them up on the net I went to them and I said see I'm a doctor and I want to do this how what should I do so they first said that why do you want to do this why don't then I explained them my condition and they said okay let us they were my first mentors and uh today even today they meant Army I talked to them and they guided me through the exam they told me about go ahead and take this course this was the turning point in my life I cracked the PMI examination I became certified project management professional and I was one of the five certified project management professionals across the globe as a physician in PMI so I I was I wasn't aware of this till I actually uh got that certificate from PMI and they said that you can actually start a healthcare vertical npmi of your own but I was too nascent or maybe naive at that point I said let me gather my own people for some time but what happened after that what when I became a project management professional what was important is Another World opened for me just like the medical world and the U.S Healthcare world so I had three words now I had a clinical world where I was there I had this corporate and U.S Healthcare world and now I had a third world which was the project manager I knew what project management meant I knew how projects are organized in a methodical framework so what were the processes initiation planning execution monitoring control closing and I had knowledge groups time scope cost quality risk procurement and I can name it stakeholder value etc etc there was no moving away from them the project management framework cut across domains so it wasn't to say it project manage you know it was only applicable to ID it cuts across the domains what did I do I looked at that and I said why can a patient be not be a project why should uh having a Lab opening a hospital be a project why should because what is a project I mean by definition now we can say it's a temporary Endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or a result I can you know we got so used to saying that it's more and then Paul said that once more slowly or the benefit of the organization what is okay project is a temporary Endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or a result this is the pmi's definition of a project and when I looked at this when I I was staring at this definition and then I said why can a patient not be a project so then again I felt who do I brainstorm and I talked to my husband he said what are you talking what is this which language is this because he is a he's a typical clinician when I talk to my parents they said again which language is this we are not the right people who do I ask so I again went to my mentors and I said why can't they should not be a project so they said let's think about it and then we mapped the patient's journey to a project so when the patient comes to you he initially comes with a set of requirements that I have a cough I have a cold etc etc you create a in in Project you create a charter but in this we create a something like a case sheet so I started looking they say that if you are a you know you always see something with whatever you have right so when if you are a wood scrubbed you always see everything with a hammer and a screw so I started looking at everything as a project every patient that I had and I was in that transition I said let me map this to every patient that I have and let me try to see how my framework works now in this uh this duration what I did was I wrote the might paper patient care or project management perspective which is now actually uh I I did quite a few webinars on that and I became a part of healthcare vertical of project management globally so they have Healthcare project management vertical and I became a part of it so I was a Knowledge Management lead for that now that pushed me very high I mean I suddenly went into a project Management's Global circles which gave me in some way that 37 000 feet view but also gave me a different view I started seeing that how can I look at project management in a very different way how can I apply to IT projects how can I apply it to Patient Care as a project of course creating a hospital creating a MRI lab all of those are projects so more from the project management I had to refine myself so with every year we have to collect some 360 videos for the three year cycle so I had to continuously do activities which helped me get those videos so I engaged in voluntary work I engaged in teaching so I'm a faculty for PMI pulse City chapter which is Hyderabad chapter so I've actually trained a lot of uh I mean almost 400 to 500 workshops and there was one Workshop in Mumbai which they did was PMI and CII you know together Confederation of Indian industry so these people did the job so I started blending the two and that's where I saw value and PMI saw our value in me so they they said now even now they said that anything related to healthcare sent it to Dr Deepa she will take care of it now that was my dream and uh today I'm a chair of Ethics inside team which is a eight member team globally and I have been doing Global volunteering for PMI uh this is almost my 12th year of uh you know Global volunteering the best part of is you just get to network with amazing set of people you just and I love to talk I love to travel that is my another passion so we get a good opportunities to travel but most importantly we get to network and exchange ideas so my project management Journey has been uh very very helpful to me and I really take pride I also mentored almost eight to nine Physicians who actually did their project management so actually they sent me that response back and said ma'am we have actually now pmps so I was very happy that I was able to get that you know get that help to them but today I think that this project management is a very critical skill the reason Deepika is after the covet struck a lot of projects were changed there was a lot of change in the variations the variables the risk related to projects or was it very high and everything came down to a human resource related risk because people were moving people were dying people were sick and that is when the global project management stirred and Healthcare as you know was at the Forefront and that's where we started getting a lot of requests on saying what is the ethical way of doing this project what are the different ways of managing this particular Healthcare situation so we had hundreds and hundreds of queries that come across only that Dr Deepak can you please comment on a particular Health Care situation how should we and these come across the globe so we are involved in I now have a group of my team members we discuss those and then we respond back to them or we hold some sessions but I think project management is a very essential skill and it really complements the clinical knowledge that we have so it's not something to be looked at that oh wow I'm a clinician why should I be doing this skill I think it it just gets you from 10 000 feet to thirty seven thousand feet and so I believe in that no no I completely agree and I think a lot of people come to be uh and when they we don't want some guidance they'll ask me what should we do should we do a course in project management or should we do an MBA or an mha you know it's such a difficult question to answer when uh when clinicians young clinicians are looking at joining corporate you know that is the one thing they ask me shall we go for project management or shall we go for Hospital Administration or business administration so what what's your take on that because as you said this certification opened up you know a Pandora's Box for you so how would you help a clinician to decide which of the three to I think there are two or three options which I generally feel so what's your calling like at the end of the day Deepika V1 when in the medical school after that level of academic uh love for academics I always dreamed to be a medical professor I always felt that I would wear a nice crepe nice saree and I would go with a step like this and I would go in front of the students I actually never dreamed that I would come in this field but like I said I was not going to be that I was probably not destined for that because of the thyroid CA but I also had organization skills so my calling was basically two or three that was first was clinical and second was management now I would say that if we have calling for clinical skills you probably should never even think about these because there are so many openings because you will likely not be happy with what you have taken but suppose if you have a calling for management I think Hospital management today this is good because hospitals are struggling with a lot of issues and I personally feel having clinical skills having that in-depth idea about the risk that the hospitals run with I mean anybody can run the project hospital but if you are a doctor you have an in-depth knowledge about it you know how to do it better and I think that is but if your hospital management is or management is your calling if you are so studious and you always go right at the you know to the depth why not research there is a lot to be done in research I would I encourage uh you know those who ask me that why don't you go in research because there is so much and now with covet there are also many new research ideas that are floating and you Pharma industry requires very good doctors to be you know working with them too the third skill is about project management like I said or this is about and it's not about just management it's about getting to know entire perspective of the project now where is this imported if you take World Health Organization or UNICEF or these larger government organizations have projects which go internationally and that is when they require a clinician with a project management skill so even as today we are talking we are conversing with who because they have they need those skills probably Hospital Administration is not something which they will like or they so this particular career gets sets you apart in that particular domain but then you should also have collaboration skills communication skills uh you should know how to travel you should like travel etc etc so largely I would classify them under these three Acts yeah I don't know I completely agree that if you're deciding to make this transition from Clinical to corporate and in the corporate you are looking at joining UNICEF who and various other large um you know science based organizations which can capitalize on our clinical skills try and do a public administration Public Health course or do a project management course but if you are looking at uh you know a more corporate course and I think I am very popular for being so Revenue focused right so if you are doing a more Revenue course or a business course or something like that I think um you should go for an MBA uh or an m and an image only and only if you're getting into the real estate of healthcare which is hospitals clinics retail Healthcare and so on and so forth but I think that really simplified it so in the interest of time you know why didn't you just tell us that now uh right now what keeps you busy and what's the job what's your professional life looking like and what's your personal life looking like because I definitely want you to touch upon how you have brought project management even to your personal life another another passionate point so I will without any hesitation I'll bring up my passion of farm to Fork so Farm to Fork is an initiative that I'm very passionate about it's about self-sustainability in growing uh vegetables in my own Farm or in my own house so my father he is he was an orthopedic surgeon and later on he became a farmer and he used to go to a farm I used to accompany him and I always felt that the way he mentors into understanding how can we grow our own vegetables I just took to him and I now grow all the vegetables in my own Farm or my garden and only eat what is grown there because then only I am driven to grow more otherwise if I get something from outside then so that is one thing I have been able to apply project management over there because it's otherwise I won't have the discipline and the framework I mean I can do anything that I want to but right from planning a dish so I go somewhere I say okay I want to create this dish and now what are the ingredients I want and do I have them and then I plan the dish I understand who are my stakeholders and what is my risk because that at the end of the day the dish is so bad that the risk is I have to throw it or they will throw it but but I think the the project management has applied helped me in this passion of mine uh today I have about 100 dishes that I have prepared all of them grown from my farm and I have that blog on my my Facebook profile and insta I'm trying to start but and I want to grow there my second phase of the project is really about long lost cooking ideas so people we have forgotten about our traditional cooking and we generally go for any costly cookings or we go for something that we are not good at so why not our grandmother's wisdom and we still have grandmothers around so why not I go I take the interview but for this fracture but otherwise I I wanted to take about 10 to 15 minutes of interviewing to one dish one practice one location one idea that they can share about cooking so that's about so all of this comes because I had this whole project management and sitting in my brain and that that really helps me from my family side I think I'm very happy I'm lucky my husband is uh doesn't get into all this he he says he calls me you're so boring you always you are a teacher or you are a cook these are the only two things either I'm teaching him or I am cooking but he's a busy clinician and I generally like to do I mean I love to cook I can cook for 24 hours a day if there is any cooking competition for 24 hours of cooking I will I will go and join that first um I'm also an avid traveler if I was not a doctor I would have been a travel jockey or a celebrity Hotel these were the alternate two careers in all those two after I'd still love to be a part of your speed dial list you know the section that we do on our personal ground so you've already told me how your husband would describe you he'd say you're a teacher or you're a cook my next question is um how do you what's your soul food is after what you've said I feel it is travel but is there a different answer what keeps your soul going um actually it's travel because I always dream and think of travel and if I have a soul food too because I have just so I'm so passionate about food so I have to have another soul food and if that is project management yeah yeah but for travel I don't know which would have been your most you know memorable uh stay or place that you visited Bhutan they're done very high on happiness index now very high on happiness index Prospect Place sometimes I get an opportunity and you don't see me in India please find me in Bhutan I mean I've also heard it's uh it's a beautiful place but okay good to hear the review right from you so do you read uh Dr deeper if you do what is what is the current book that you're reading um I I'm not a very Avid voracious reader so I generally spend a lot of time reading this project management books over and over again because something other now I'm reading seventh edition PM box but I love to read Harry Potter books again and again and again so right now I am reading almost like 20th time I'm reading the fourth book but every single time I read it I feel like oh this is the first time I'm reading so so I have all the entire sets and I'm reading that again and your favorite character is somebody who should not be named Hermione Granger actually okay all right um and um anything that's on your bucket list and you'd like to share with us uh on my bucket list actually I do want to work on area where it is more close to dementia my mother is set into dementia three years back and she is she's my uh she's everybody and today where I see her I just just wish that I had some ways of diagnosing that support your mother through this difficult phase and I'm full of respect and gratitude for what you've been doing it's and it's amazing you know it's really amazing um and um you know a couple of things like which would be your favorite movie if you watch movies of all times and why it would be the sound of music because it has two of my favorite things so I love uh I have given quite a few States performance so travel and sit a couple of lines of Doremi foreign [Music] a lot of Golden Sun me a name I call myself far along [Music] before I take um any audience questions that there are my final question is what is your life's Mantra and what would be you um what would you know be your guidance to all the positions who want to uh who want to travel this journey from outside of political practice to either corporate or any other institutions being sure I'll take the second one first I think first is be passionate see because the moment you make a change you are going uphill Journey there are many detractors there are many people who will say if it is we thought you would be a doctor see it's it's not about them you're going to you know probably do a great work outside first be sure what you are doing to be passionate three don't move on there there could be there are people like us there is a platform like this which Deepika you have started and I think people should take advantage of this platform in the resources on this platform and they they should uh they should be able to take that Advantage so that they get the motivation to move forward so people who want to and fourth which is very important is be be really alert because even if you want to go there you there could be some catastrophe maybe there is something that is calling you somewhere now just don't use a Blinder and know I'm going to the corporate just quickly move there and you know try to see what's happening around so I see I feel these are the four things uh for Physicians who want to move out and we are all there I am very happy and glad to connect with anybody who would like to uh me too and happy to coach Mentor that's uh that's something which I love to do and the first is my Mantra of my life has always been be the light you want to be I wanted that's always been that so I try my best I I try my best I am lucky to have friends like you Deepika and mentors and very good friends who have always helped me guide and always steered me through our proper track somewhere probably I was wearing here and there but I'm very lucky and very happy to you know celebrate this life today with all of us instead of people and I think your name is Delight Deepa is the light that absolutely are um and um I will now request the metrics team to let us know if there are any questions from the audience would be happy to take um any questions um with regards to project management or anything um that Dr Deepa shared yes so thank you so much both of you first of all and uh ma'am I must say you have a lovely voice enjoyed listening to you uh so nice to see you have so many talents like you love cooking you love singing so it was an absolute uh treat to listen to you today for all our audience members please put up questions if you have any well I think that we have no questions so it it was amazing now I enjoyed listening to you and yes I'll definitely reach out to you when I'm in need of a mentor all right anytime and I'm I'm very very thankful uh to you Dr vishali drip for giving this opportunity and very happy to help if there is anything please let me know all right with that thank you Dr Deepa thank you um indeed the episode 4 of practice and Beyond was really engaging I also got lost in the conversations and just you know kind of intrigued along but thank you very much but I think just before we left we have one question I'll just accept the reasons accepted your request you'll get a audio and video option to switch on and she's also put up a question actually yeah she's here okay so basically I wanted to ask like how to understand what is our calling like like how to get to there that answer yeah question is how do I understand what's our calling okay let me see what Dr Deepa says I have my own take on it with you foreign I'm going to ask let Deepika take that but what I felt was what is it that puts a smile on your face like you you never have a headache after doing that and you all keep thinking and dreaming about it you want to improvise it uh if that is what is your calling you want to improvise you always thinking of which antibiotic okay I would have done that lab test maybe you are a very good clinician but suppose that is not that doesn't just come to your brain and you are thinking what my home what's my hospital bed strength should look like should my Hospital be here how should I arrange it maybe Hospital uh you know management is your calling and if you are looking like can I be a part of a larger team who is working and I have many other people who are working creating an ID application maybe you are a part of a domain uh subject matter expert team for IIT company so what is it that puts a smile on your face doesn't give you stress and you may want to just dabble in it early do a little bit of research to find out whether that's really the thing but Deepika this is what I feel the only thing I would say is the very fact that you are asking this question means that you haven't found your calling yet because you know that's the most beautiful part about finding your calling you stop asking this question anymore you know and and I think I've I've been through that and um um I'm sure Dr Deepa and all the guests who come on this platform have that when you're practicing you know or when you're doing anything and you keep feeling there's something missing in my life this life is not wholesome that is when you need to start talking to a lot of people the best way as a physician to understand am I meant to always do clinical practice or am I meant to explore outside this is to talk to as many people as you can you know why because the more you practice as a clinical physician see life is very tunneled you know you see the same patients every day you meet the same uh clinicians so it is important to go beyond that Explore More talk more become completely unlearn all that you have learned about professional practice and be like an open slate and when in those conversations trust me there will be one magical conversation where you'll find your column it's like that aha moment you know you suddenly hear somebody and say oh my goodness that's something and you keep dreaming about it you think about it and that's what is your calling similarly a question a little bit it's ma'am definitely I think I know my answer so I'll focus on it and I wanted to know that uh if Deepa ma'am can mentor us like uh specifically me at least and how can we connect all right so we'll uh we'll work on that actually we are already in uh you know conversation uh to be able to work on this um just give us a little time and um keep keep uh be in touch with the same platform and uh you will soon hear from us but in the meanwhile uh if you have any questions Etc um when this recording will be available we will share Dr deepa's and mine coordinates and on you can reach out to her over email but as far as a formal mentorship is concerned yeah there are some plans on the way and we will make sure that you have something with you very soon so give us some time yeah absolutely happy to do all right so uh these are the question by Fatima where she says ma'am how do I go about PMP so what is the like you know the uh bricks that she needs to lay I think the first thing that you need to do is approach your local PMI chapter so I would say uh where I don't know where you are from for example if you are from Mumbai then there is a PMI project management Institute Mumbai chapter so there is a website go there and try to look out for that chapter and just go through the details the first thing that you don't need to do just do a survey of what project management is like second is there is a 35 hour pdu session that you need to do and that is mandatory for you to give the exam uh why that session is important is because it will just give you a complete uh 10 000 feet view on what project management is so that will be very good uh even if you don't want to do PMP the exam later on it's fine but try to do this 35 hour pdu session but even for that you need to reach out to your chapter so my suggestion is reach out to PMI India chapters wherever Mumbai Delhi Pune I don't know where you are from but you may have a local chapter we have one final question from major chandan um and he says I've done an MBA also and I'm presently 62. uh what all can I do at this stage you could Mentor us [Laughter] no it's uh thank you sir for asking I think you have so much of knowledge I think the first thing is uh most of us we probably have I mean when we have this level of knowledge maybe if we should write it we should Chronicle the knowledge that we have and that itself is a very big thing I've you know it takes a long time it also takes some time of you to understand how you want to write in the knowledge that you have gained and so much of it will be a blend that you see I think the first uh first thing that I would probably do at that stage is that I would write down so it's all about documentation and I will then like to know that where is it that I'm really interested so there are many many Industries which now require a lot of senior clinical knowledge like the domain experts and people want uh I mean the subject matter experts to head projects they want people for training exams or training projects for example patient education some simple things even from the academic standpoint I think there are so many Avenues but the first thing I would request is that just to assemble that knowledge and probably put it down on a piece of paper to exactly see where exactly you stand if you have not done that already all right I think we're almost out of time um and we'll like to go ahead and close the session again extremely thankful for you to be a part of practice and Beyond Today I think everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the session um and we've really really had great learnings so uh we will keep connected and um as in when there are more Avenues we'd love to have you back on our platform so thank you so much um thanks viewers for uh you know being such a great audience thanks to the Netflix Team rushali back to you um thank you so much for my apps thank you so much thank you so much both of you thank you Dr Deepa thank you Dr Deepika and thank you to our audience as well who I'm sure has enjoyed this session


Project management in healthcare helps a medical facility run smoothly. To be a healthcare project manager, it's important to know how to design and manage the phases of a project. If you're passionate about helping others and organizing tasks, then this webinar is a must watch. Join us LIVE with Dr. Deepa Bhide, Director - Clinical Expert, Inventurus Knowledge Solutions, in discussion with Dr. Deepika Ponnappa as they explore the purpose and stages of project management in healthcare and how to become an excellent healthcare project manager.


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