RNTCP: Pediatric TB Guidelines

RNTCP: Pediatric TB Guidelines

8 Feb, 3:30 PM


Nearly a third of the children with TB globally are from India, despite an estimated detection gap of about 56%. Children up to the age of 14 years constitute 35% of the population in our country and are estimated to contribute approximately 10% of the caseload. However, reported numbers may be low as many children are treated outside the National TB programme. Pulmonary TB is the most common form of TB in children. Although the principles of diagnosis and treatment remain similar in children and adults, the differences in the type of disease and specific host characteristics bring up some challenging variations. Rapid molecular diagnostic methods like newer generation cartridge-based nucleic acid amplification tests (Xpert-RifTM /TruenatTM) and Line Probe Assays (LPA) have been approved and employed by the National TB elimination Program (NTEP). Join us live with Dr. Prajapati to understand RNTCP guidelines for effective management of TB in children.

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