Approach to a case of Acute Diarrhea in Adults

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Approach to a case of Acute Diarrhea in Adults

16 Nov, 3:30 PM


Most acute diarrhea are due to infection or drug induced. Most diarrhea cases are self-limited, not requiring detail investigations, in absence of underlying co-morbid conditions.However, not to forget that this could be the first presentation of chronic conditions like IBD, IBS etc. Correction of dehydration is the top priority and at times the only step required in the management. ORS with Lower concentration of Sodium and Glucose have proven to reduce need for IV fluids and reduced fluid loss in diarrhea and reduced incidence of vomiting.Let us revisit the topic with Dr. Mahadev Desai to learn many finer aspects of Acute Diarrhea in Adults.


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