Rapid Response

Rapid Response

Whether you operate in a small private clinic or a large chain hospitals, you can not evade providing emergency treatment, which demands a thorough understanding of all aspects of medicine, quick thinking, and decisive response. Although the nature of the emergency may be unknown, a methodical approach to examining each emergency patient is highly recommended, as it allows for early identification and stabilization of the problem. Medflix brings to you a club, Rapid Response, dedicated to discuss all possible emergencies that can present in an emergency room.


Dr. Nagesh Bodewar & 5308 others


Stroke: Management in the Golden Hour

May 11,
3:30 PM
dr. Vinit  Banga
Dr. Vinit Banga
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Commonly Reported Endocrine Emergencies & its Management

Mar 29,
3:30 PM
dr. Arundhati Dasgupta
Dr. Arundhati Dasgupta
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Approach to Hyperglycemic Emergencies

Feb 21,
2:30 PM
dr. Pratibha Dileep
Dr. Pratibha Dileep
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Cardiac & Respiratory Arrest in Children

Feb 11,
1:30 PM
dr. Tamorish  Kole
Dr. Tamorish Kole
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Approach to Mx of Anaphylaxis

Feb 09,
3:30 PM
dr. Mahadev Desai
Dr. Mahadev Desai
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