dr. Avanthika Chaithanya

Dr. Avanthika Chaithanya

Pediatrics, Bengaluru

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Dr Avanthika Chaithanya is a pediatric residency applicant, applying for the NRMP Match 2022-2023. She loves working with children! She has 3 months of US Clinical Experience(Clerkships) in Pediatrics, 8 Months of US Research Experience and is currently working in a pediatric outpatient practice. She fell in love with Pediatrics ever since her first rotation at med school, and here she is now, aspiring to be a pediatrician, to cure little ones everywhere! She is passionate towards child and adolescent healthcare and health equity for all. She enjoys working in academic research, and has a 10+ indexed publications in Pediatrics and Primary Care Medicine. She is the co-founder of The Otto Research Initiative, a non profit organization which teaches and mentors International med students and graduates in basic research methodology for free. She is a member of the Editorial Boards for many International Journals. She also loves volunteering in her spare time, and volunteers with Rotary International and SAC with setting up health camps for children, menstrual hygiene drives and mental health counseling for adolescents.

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