Welcome to Medflix
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Welcome to Medflix

Jun 19 | 9:45 AM

By now you must have gotten a couple of hints that we were working on something huge from few weeks. So, here we are 2 months, 10 days and 11 hours later, with a product that is our dream - Medflix: A platform with the best medical live talks. Yes, we know you would like to know more. So join us live on this very new platform for a discussion to dive deep into the product and help us realise the hard truths before we go ahead to launch it with our target audience. Don't forget to leave a praising comment or two if you like something, will go a long way in motivating us :)


About Medflix

Medflix is a new platform by PlexusMD, India's most active and trusted doctor community. On Medflix, you can discover live surgeries, discussions, conferences and courses from some of the top doctors and institutions across the world. Join clubs in your areas of interest and access hundreds of amazing live discussions everyday.