Cardiac Evaluation of the survivor of sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Evaluation of the survivor of sudden Cardiac Arrest

10 Feb, 3:30 PM


The terms 'sudden cardiac arrest' (SCA) and 'sudden cardiac death' (SCD) describe the abrupt cessation of cardiac activity with hemodynamic collapse, usually brought on by sustained ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation. Most often, patients with structural heart disease, particularly coronary heart disease, experience these events. If defibrillation or spontaneous reversion restores circulation, the event is known as SCA (or aborted SCD). If the patient passes away, it is referred to as a SCD. There are two main components to evaluating a SCD survivor: diagnosing and treating any acutely treatable causes, and checking for structural heart disease. To learn more about the evaluation of SCD, which is crucial when working in EMS, join us live with Dr. Sameer Dani.

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