Neurology Concepts

Neurology Concepts

Medical students find neurology intimidating and frightening. To get a good knowledge of vast neurology in a short curriculum time is very difficult. Most of material of neurology is more theoretical without basic “CONCEPTS” explanation. Thus, Dr.S.Sreenivas, has started this club with the aim of explaining the concepts of neurology, thus making “NEUROLOGY” a student friendly and fascinating subject to explore.


Dr. Huzaifa Shaikh & 1898 others


Hemiplegia & Localization: A-Z Concepts

Oct 29,
1:30 PM
dr. Sreenivas Sirugudidr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Sreenivas Sirugudi + 2
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Neuro-Ophthalmology: Overview

Oct 09,
1:30 PM
dr. Rohan Desaidr. Sreenivas Sirugudi
Dr. Rohan Desai + 1
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