Money Matters

Money Matters

Doctors have a disadvantage when it comes to starting a career. Medical practitioners start earning later in comparison with other occupations mainly due to a significantly longer training period. Starting late and working long, unpredictable hours has an impact on a doctors financial situation. They dont have a lot of time to manage their finances. Acknowledging this need, we, at Medflix have started a devoted finance club for doctors, where finance gurus will come in and make finance easy to grasp and implement in our daily lives.


Dr. Ariba Shaan & 5772 others


Know your SIP better

Jul 04,
2:00 PM
dr. Priyanshu Gandhi
Dr. Priyanshu Gandhi
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How to Choose the Right Credit Card?

Apr 29,
2:30 PM
dr. Amit Shah
Dr. Amit Shah
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Investing Wisely!

Feb 04,
1:30 PM
dr. Aniruddha Malpani
Dr. Aniruddha Malpani
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Budget '22 and Indian Healthcare: Key Takeaways

Feb 01,
2:30 PM
dr. Ritesh Malikdr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Ritesh Malik + 1
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All about Mutual Funds!

Jan 26,
1:30 PM
dr. Anant Ladha
Dr. Anant Ladha
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Income Tax Planning for Doctors

Dec 24,
1:30 PM
dr. Komal Shivdasanidr. Rushina Thacker
Dr. Komal Shivdasani + 2
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Financial Health for Doctors

Nov 03,
1:30 PM
dr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Rohan Desai
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Stock Market and Basics of Investing for Doctors

Oct 31,
5:30 AM
dr. CA Rachana Ranadedr. Rachana  Ranade
Dr. CA Rachana Ranade + 1
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A Prescription for your Financial Health

Aug 14,
1:30 PM
dr. Bhanu Harish Gurramdr. Shrehith Karkera
Dr. Bhanu Harish Gurram + 1
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