Dental Bytes

Dental Bytes

This club for all the Dentists . 'One Smile at a time': Is our motto. India is ranked 2nd in the world in terms of number of Dentist's. The dental industry is constantly evolving, making it challenging to keep up with the pace. So here we bring you the best of the sessions, most-up-to-date clinical information, case studies, and procedures. Join us on our adventure of this clinical journey.


Dr. Anuja Mahajan & 2661 others


Diabetes & Oral Health

Jan 27,
3:30 PM
dr. Sandesh Mayekardr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Sandesh Mayekar + 1
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Advances in Orthodontics

Dec 20,
2:30 PM
dr. Jayesh Rahalkardr. Roma Kumar
Dr. Jayesh Rahalkar + 2
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AI in Dentistry

Dec 16,
1:30 PM
dr. Nivedita Tiwaridr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Nivedita Tiwari + 1
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Smile Designing

Nov 13,
12:30 PM
dr. Pradeep Shettydr. Rohan Desai
Dr. Pradeep Shetty + 1
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