Cross Section

Cross Section

Understand some fascinating and unique perspectives from doctors of many disciplines, and then put those concepts into action to take your practise to the next level. Dr. Mahadev Desai will interact with other doctors who are celebrities in their own way at Cross Section. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the session are personal views of the speaker. Medflix or PlexusMD do not endorse or affiliate with any viewpoint. Information or views shared should not be considered as medical advice. PlexusMD, Medflix or the speakers or hosts are not responsible for any loss arising out of use or misuse of the shared information.


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Safety of Medicines & Commonly Encountered Drug Interactions

Mar 08,
3:00 PM
dr. Chetna Desai
Dr. Chetna Desai
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Diabetic Retinopathy & Effects of Diabetes on the Eye

Mar 07,
2:00 PM
dr. Shachi Desai
Dr. Shachi Desai
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Managing Hypoglycemic Episodes in Acute Burn Patients

Jan 31,
2:30 PM
dr. Lt Col Ojha
Dr. Lt Col Ojha
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Preoperative Evaluation and Mx of Common Medical Conditions

Jul 25,
5:30 AM
dr. Akash Singhdr. Anil Kulshrestha
Dr. Akash Singh + 2
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