Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter

Medicine is a tremendously dynamic field, and every physician must keep up with such advancements when dealing with patients. Cardiology is one of those fields where a slew of new papers and publications are issued every second from all corners of the globe, and this club strives to shed light on a few key guidelines and research papers for your better practise. Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in the session are personal views of the speaker. Medflix or PlexusMD do not endorse or affiliate with any viewpoint. Information or views shared should not be considered as medical advice. PlexusMD, Medflix or the speakers or hosts are not responsible for any loss arising out of use or misuse of the shared information.


Dr. Rishabh Garg & 1994 others


Coronary Artery Revascularization: Recent Update

Dec 25,
1:30 PM
dr. Rucha Sangewardr. Kamal Sharma
Dr. Rucha Sangewar + 3
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Cardiovascular Risk in COVID Recovered Patients

Aug 05,
2:00 PM
dr. Rucha Sangewardr. Kamal Sharma
Dr. Rucha Sangewar + 1
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